Dialogue about Certainty and Uncertainty

Tia : Oh my God, where is my wallet?
Rio : Are you okay?
Tia : I don't know. I think my wallet is lost.
Rio : Are you certain about it?
Tia : Definitely.
Rio : Don't worry. Let me help you to look for your wallet.
Tia : Oh.. Thank you so much, you're really my best friend.
Rio : you're welcome. By the way, where is the last place that you think your wallet already lost?
Tia : hmm, may be in the park.
Rio : Are you certain, your wallet is lost in the street to park?
Tia : I am uncertainty. I think it was lost in the grasses at park.
Rio : Are you sure?
Tia : I am pretty certain.
Tia : okay, let's search my wallet together.

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